Statseeker v5.5.5

    Our current release is Statseeker v5.5.5

    This short video introduces the major updates available in Statseeker v5.5.5

    Full release notes can be found here.

    Stasteeker v5.5.5 was released in April 2022. 

    Statseeker supports v5.5.4 and above.

    Summary of new features and functions

    Dashboard updates

    Ping RTT comparison dashboard

    New default dashboard displaying Ping RTT (round-trip time) metrics for a single network device, or enables comparison of two network devices. Set user-defined thresholds to show red/amber/green status based on average, maximum, 95th percentile metrics.

    Improved location precision in Worldmap panels

    Device location precision improved from 100m to 1m. Accurately locate a failed device within a building, quickly and easily.

    WorldMap panels support custom map providers allowing for a wide selection of online or internally hosted map data and tiling services, for example, topographical mapping or satellite view. 

    Faster access to your favourite dashboards

    Your favourite dashboards can now be shown in the dashboard dropdown menu.

    Pre-set your preferred dashboards, whether that’s an overview of all network assets on a WorldMap, a schematic of key network infrastructure, or a single device dashboard.

    ImageMap Panel updates

    New drawing tool for faster creation of network schematics or other diagrams, including the ability to draw dynamic links and connections.

    Custom legend capability to provide a visual representation of the defined diagram element thresholds.

    Here's a video explaining the new features. 


    ImageMap can display any background image overlaid with live elements, for example, a site plan showing device locations, giving context to the elements. 

    Revisit any point in time and see the network status 'as was' on your schematic, for example prior to a network issue. 

    Improved access to Statseeker server monitoring

    Statseeker servers can monitor over 500,000 interfaces. To ensure optimal performance the new embedded reports and admin-only dashboards allow users to ensure uninterrupted operation, including how much disk space and memory is available.

    Statseeker server metrics are available through custom reports and dashboards and via the API for integration into third-party solutions.

    Thresholds and alerts can be set on the Statseeker server Statseeker forecasting analytics can be used to give advance warning before capacity is reached.

    New default dashboards for Syslog messages and server health monitoring.

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