Statseeker v5.5.4

    Our current release is Statseeker v5.5.4

    Summary of new features and functions

    This short video introduces the major updates available in Statseeker v5.5.4. 

    Full release notes can be found here.

    Stasteeker v5.5.4 is available from July 2021.

    Statseeker supports v5.5.3 and above.

     Baseline data updates

    Direct access to baseline data

    Statseeker now gives you direct access to your baseline data which is used to project typical network behavior for forecasting and capacity planning or to detect anomalous network behavior.

    New functionality gives users the ability to visualize baseline data on graphs. 

    Configurable baselines

    Configurable baselines allow you to compare report data to historical baselines to identify anomalous behavior and to compare this week to last week or last month. Configure your baseline and project it into the future to predict the impact on your network if the baseline behavior continues. 

    Improved MAC-IP functionality

    Statseeker now stores MAC-IP address data for historical tracking of assets on a network. Track mobile infrastructure, locate misplaced inventory or assets requiring maintenance, or use MAC-IP to identify assets that should not be on your network.

    Configure MAC-IP data retention to suit your needs and manage your MAC-IP data footprint. 

    Dashboard updates


    ImageMap panels now include a library of network hardware-related icons. Select from these icons to create your own network schematic. Icon colors change to reflect the status of your hardware assets.

    New default dashboards for Syslog messages and server health monitoring.


    WorldMap panels now support custom map providers allowing for a wide selection of online providers or internally hosted map data and tiling services.

    New authentication features

    New login screen and improved user authentication which includes SAML-driven single sign-on authentication. Administrators now have more flexibility to manage user login time-outs on a global or user basis.

    554 Token Auth Small

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