Remote worker network visibility in a time of crisis

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    Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, there is an urgent focus by corporate executives who are demanding reports from the network operations team to accurately inform them of the quality and user experience for remote workers. While different organizations might be more prepared than others, network engineering teams are “under the gun” to deliver a clear view on the availability and performance of their remote network connections that are now deemed critical to future business success. The problem is more than just logging into your VPN concentrators and trying to view the siloed network statistics. The network manager needs to view the end-to-end network connectivity from the remote clients, through the VPN concentrator, across the switch link, then across the core to a business-critical destination. The destinations range from private data centers, SaaS clouds, ERP systems, collaboration systems, and more. Many executives are now encouraging staff to turn on video in their Zoom or Microsoft Teams collaboration systems to make up for the lack of face-to-face meeting contact. Can the corporate Firewalls and VPN concentrators handle this additional network load from video-based services? Network operational teams need immediate answers to these questions. For the Covid-19 urgency, not all organizations have a clear view of their IPSEC VPNs, SSL client VPNs, or other types of VPN connections. Furthermore, they need the ability to monitor and predict key availability and performance indicators as more staff work remotely.

    Statseeker, with their recently released dashboarding capabilities in version 5.5, is quickly responding to the needs of our customer base and enabling them to monitor their VPN solutions. For example, Statseeker supports Cisco’s AnyConnect VPN solution out the box and has now been enhanced to include visibility on the critical VPN-related interfaces. One Statseeker customer stated, “Now, with a glance, I can look at a single pane of glass to see the health of my VPN connections across a set of multiple VPN devices for both IPSEC and SSL client types.” For the Cisco VPN solution, Statseeker can support VPN connections for AnyConnect SSL clients, clientless VPNs from browsers, IPSEC/L2TP, and site-to-site IKEv1/v2 IPSEC tunnels. The new visualization includes a clear view on latency and utilization across key VPN interfaces, including dashboard graphs showing when a pipe is full. Statseeker uses a powerful SNMP polling engine at one-minute granularity to monitor the VPN concentrators, routers, and switches. It never averages the data and keeps a granular historical view forever. With analytics, Statseeker provides a predictive capability of knowing in the future when your VPN utilization will impact remote staff user experience.

    Statseeker is busy adding support for multiple VPN vendors to meet the needs of our customer base. “We are not charging to add new VPN vendor support and to provide new v5.5 VPN dashboard templates to assist customers in customizing the view for their unique network architecture,” said Tom Caldwell, global CTO for Statseeker and Techniche. “For customers that have not upgraded yet, we are providing licenses for temporary Statseeker servers that can support the latest in our powerful dashboarding capability for more improved VPN visibility and monitoring.” Statseeker also provides extended trial licenses for new prospective clients to help them get through this global pandemic crisis. Statseeker understands network managers need to gain deeper visibility now and worry about purchase orders later.

    Statseeker has been successfully serving some of the largest and smallest organizations globally for over 10 years. They are known for scale by Fortune 500 organizations to support network monitoring for the largest data centers in the world, their core networks, and their WAN edges. Statseeker supports customers in financial services and retail chains that include tens of thousands of locations. Statseeker software and price points also scale down to cost-effectively support various sized universities, healthcare, smaller banking institutions, and more. Hospitals and healthcare centers rely on Statseeker monitoring for their networks in a new “connected IoT world.” Healthcare professionals cannot afford to be down when their services are needed most for Covid-19 patients, and remote collaboration is critical to solving this pandemic. Statseeker, as a company, has long-term experience delivering value to billion-dollar healthcare organizations down to small regional healthcare facilities. With corporate offices and support teams in the US, EMEA, and APAC, Statseeker is well equipped to deliver best-of-breed network monitoring software across a global set of countries and customers. They have also mobilized their staff to minimize the effect of the pandemic to work remotely and to ensure there is no lapse of product,pport, or services to our global customer base.

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