What’s new in Statseeker v5.5.4

    Baseline Data and Anomaly Detection

    By providing historical baseline data (raw data, calculated metrics and graphical overlays) you are able to compare current network behavior to historical norms, quickly and simply identifying unusual/anomalous behavior. For more information, see Baselining.

    Authentication Update

    Statseeker now offers configurable token-based authentication for file, LDAP and RADIUS authentication methods. In addition, Statseeker offers authentication through 3rd party SAML-based authentication services, see User Authentication for details.

    Syslog and Server-Health Dashboards

    New Syslog and Server Health dashboards are available from the Default Dashboards folder. Copy and customize these dashboards to satisfy your Syslog and Server Health monitoring needs.

    Trendline Analytics Update

    Additional trendline analytic options allow for quick and simple configurations of reports, dashboards and thresholds to highlight both large changes in any metric as well as gradual changes in highly variable data. For more information, see Trendline Analytics.


    • Updated MAC-IP monitoring with new reports highlighting new metrics to better track hardware as it moves through your network
    • New Baseline and Trendline analytic options are available to better understand how your network behavior changes over time, and how it compares to historical behavior
    • A number of commonly used reports have been replaced with new versions, see the Release Notes for details.
    • Restructuring and ordering of Console report groups


    • Updated all default dashboards to take advantage of new analytics and improve data accessibility
    • Worldmap panels can now be configured to use custom map-data and map-tiling service providers
    • Image Map panels now offer configurable icons for your data nodes and the option to present panels without an image background
    • Improved field selection to simplify panel configuration

    System and Administration

    • OS updated to FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p8, for details see the FreeBSD website
    • Updated UI for a range of commonly used Administration Tool modules
    • Simplified entity grouping UI and mechanics to better manage your Statseeker data
    • Tunable options for MAC-IP data collection and retention to improve MAC tracking and historical MAC-IP data management
    • Added Geolocation data import/export facilities – provide the data needed for Worldmap panels quickly and simply
    • Improved performance for network discovery processes


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