Professional services

    Statseeker can augment your team through a variety of professional services to deliver solutions quickly and cost-effectively. 

    Consider us an extension of your team whenever you need support - expertise is all part of the Statseeker service.  

    In addition to our normal support, our professional services team can help you get the most out of your Statseeker network monitoring solution: 

    • Network monitoring requirements assessment 
    • Statseeker software installation and configuration 
    • Statseeker software integration with third-party tools for visualization, analysis and reporting 
    • Onsite and offsite training 
    • Cyber security advisory services for network surveillance 

    Assisted upgrade.

    When your Statseeker server is due for an upgrade to our latest supported version, one of our experts can assist with the upgrade path to ensure it’s a smooth transition and resolve any issues straight away. Depending on the size of your
    server and complexity of your network as well the current version you are running will determine how quick and easy we can complete this with you.

    Performance tuning.

    To get the most value from your Statseeker instance and improve your product configuration, a Statseeker Performance Tuning can be completed on-site or remotely by one of our experts. This will cover a range of features including alerts and thresholds, grouping and auto grouping, reporting, dashboarding, API, or traffic analyzer.

    Product training: standard user training.

    This training pack covers all the essential product areas a standard user needs to know when using your Statseeker interface and is perfect for new users getting started. It is run by one of our product experts and can be completed on-site
    or by web conference.

    Product training: system administrator training. 

    This training pack covers all the core and essential product areas an administrator needs to know when configuring and using your Statseeker server and interface. It will provide the knowledge required to run and manage your Statseeker instance and troubleshoot common issues. It is run by one of our product experts and can be completed on-site or by web conference.

    System health check.

    To ensure Statseeker is running at its optimal performance, one of our experts can analyze your server's diagnostics report, system logs and your existing configuration. We then provide a range of recommendations to your config settings and or hardware to resolve issues and improve the overall performance of your Statseeker experience.

    Dashboard customization. 

    Statseeker v5.5 includes new highly customizable dashboards with a broad range of additional metrics to extend your dashboard UI functionality and capability. Engage our expert engineers to create a set of bespoke dashboards for optimum network-wide visibility of performance and events and data comparison for capacity analysis and planning. Geo-location of every device on your network, down to street level, is also available in Statseeker v5.5. 

    Integrations with ServiceNow, Splunk and Slack. 

    Need to integrate Statseeker alerts with your ServiceNow, Splunk or Slack platform? Let us develop Python scripts for your Statseeker server. Chose device-down alerts or threshold-crossing alarms, or both. Our team will teach you how to modify scripts to support various types of alerts. 

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