Infrastructure utilization and capacity planning

    Confidently manage your network to support business transformation. 

    Statseeker’s powerful network analysis and forecasting capabilities provide unprecedented insight into how your network is currently being utilized and what is needed to support changes in the future. This provides you with valuable insights to support your network strategy and removes the guesswork in capacity planning. 

    Infrastructure utilization


    Using your 60 second polled data, Statseeker will begin data comparisons once it has established an initial baseline after two weeks, and becomes more accurate as it captures information over time. With six months of historical granular dataStatseeker can accurately project data patterns well into the future. 

    Statseeker automatically figures out the normal pattern of behavior for any numeric data point as it is collected. This baseline pattern is used to generate three new outputs – a forecast of future behavior, a comparison of newly collected samples against the baseline, and highly accurate forecast trendlines.  


    Trendline plotting. 

    Trendline plotting shows a  ‘line-of-best-fit’ across all data points in the reporting period, indicating the direction and strength of the trend. 

    This indication of the rate of change enables forecasting in the future, particularly useful for capacity planning, disk usage, or link utilization. 


    Forecasting the future of your network. 

    Data forecasting provides you with valuable information that can be used when restructuring or planning upgrades and additions to your network infrastructure and configuration. Statseeker enables you to report on this predicted data for every metric that it collects from your network infrastructure. 


    Statseeker’s network forecasting takes your last six months' of complete data history and uses it to model your data into the future. This predictive capability is only possible because Statseeker collects and stores data in full granularity - averaged or rolled-up data is not reliable enough for this purpose. 

    It’s no longer enough for modern organizations to rely on basic firewalls and endpoint network security. Network managers need to be continuously monitoring their networks for unusual activity, events, or trends.

    Unlike legacy IT security solutions, network anomaly detection constantly observes traffic to your network, analyzes communication and identifies suspicious activity.

    Benefits of Statseeker network monitoring.

    • Statseeker network monitoring polls your interfaces every 60 seconds, unlike other solutions which offer 15 minute polling. Statseeker is unique in offering this minute-by-minute network visibility. This high-resolution data is the baseline for identifying anomalous changes in behavior, enabling the rapid detection of security issues, such as DDoS. Statseeker sends early alerts so that you can react to issues before they become critical.
    • Statseeker’s ability to scale and monitor up to one million interfaces from a single physical or virtual server ensures total network visibility. Statseeker monitors to the edges of your network, rather than focusing on the core, making sure all anomalies are identified, no matter where they occur.
    • Unlike other network monitoring solutions, Statseeker retains a complete data history. This means the data is available in its original granularity, and not averaged or ‘rolled-up’. This allows for far more accurate analytics and capacity planning.

    Detecting unusual behaviors.

    Statseeker's outstanding network anomaly detection compares current data to historical patterns, highlighting any variance from normal behaviors - an early warning system that can alert you to potential problems before they become a network issue.

    • Unusual activity or traffic volume on your network?
    • Increasing number of data packets with errors?
    • Intermittent problems with device performance?
    • Unauthorised devices added to your network?

    You can set your own thresholds and alerts to suit your network needs.

    Network monitoring tools, such as the strength percentage indicator, will help you to identify any metrics that fall into the bracket of unusual behavior - an easy way to filter and highlight the areas where your time and effort can be best spent.

    Read our blog about the importance of creating a network baseline.

    Statseeker can perform a best fit against the last six months of history, resulting in a much more accurate trendline called a Forecast Trendline. Thresholds and alerts can also be set to provide advance warning of minutes, hours, days, weeks or months ahead of the time when the forecast trendline is expected to cross the threshold. This can provide alerts well in advance of the actual point where a link will reach maximum capacity. 

    Beyond reactive troubleshooting, Statseeker’s “long-term, big-picture” view of your network enables you to see patterns that would otherwise be impossible to find. For example, Statseeker can easily identify any network ports that have never carried traffic in the last 90 days. This enables you to locate under-utilized network infrastructure and re-deploy it where it is needed, rather than buying new hardware. This has saved Statseeker customers literally millions of dollars in capital funding that they could use elsewhere in their organizations. 

    Because it can monitor your ENTIRE network, Statseeker easily identifies infrastructure utilization issues. 

    Read how California State University identified $30M in savings over five years.

    Reduce your operational costs. 

    • Reduced downtime means less overtime, fewer call out fees and reduced costs associated with emergency recovery from unexpected failures.
    • Increased network uptime means more time to plan, schedule and budget for proactive maintenance over the longer term.
    • Proactive network optimization in line with actual and anticipated needs enables you to effectively manage costs, and reduce the need for future rework.


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