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    Unlike large software suites, Statseeker meets your specific needs with minimal investment. And unlike freeware, our network monitoring software won't soak up your staffing and management resources to keep it running effectively.

    Read our blog which explains the real cost of free network monitoring.

    We provide regular product updates, professional support and software guarantees, making Statseeker a cost-effective, secure and future-proof solution.

    Always up to date.

    Look out for our regular Statseeker updates, when we add new functionality to make sure your solution is always performing at its best.

    Our v5.5.5 release includes:

    • Default Ping RTT comparison dashboard
    • Improved WorldMap precision
    • Faster access to your dashboard favourites
    • ImageMap Panel updates
    Statseeker v5.5.5 is now available.

    Statseeker v5.5.5 is now available.

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