Smarter network monitoring

    Bigger, faster, smarter.

    Statseeker provides you with smarter network monitoring, as well as all the big data you need to make decisions and take action. It enables you to swiftly identify critical issues, isolate what needs attention and fix problems as – or even before – they arise.

    By enhancing the visibility and understanding you have of your network’s behaviours, you can make better-informed decisions about its management.

    Statseeker is a FreeBSD application, supported and regularly updated by our own in-house technology team.

    Statseeker is proven, reliable and the solution of choice for Fortune 100 companies.


    Features overview.

    • With Statseeker you get flexible reporting right out of the box - and it's easy to customize, integrate and enable advanced data collection.

      Instant network coverage 

    • Statseeker is the only solution that can give you minute by minute visibility of your entire network.

      When installed on just a small server, Statseeker will poll up to 1,000,000 interfaces (or 500,000 from a virtual server) and give you full blanket coverage of your network. While you might not believe the numbers, they are true - our SNMP polling takes up minimal bandwidth, too.

      And you can reduce your CAPEX, too, as just one low-cost server will cover your entire network.

      End-to-end monitoring

    • Statseeker recognises anomalous behaviour and alerts you to potential risks, so you can be aware of potential risks even before a threshold is triggered.

      By comparing current data with your full network history, Statseeker detects and reports anomalies (unusual device or network behaviour) even if there is not yet an apparent problem. Trendlines and forecasts provide valuable insight for your capacity planning and network management.

      Anomaly detection

    • Statseeker runs reports in seconds, drawing from your complete polling history in its original 1-minute granularity.

      • Every 60 seconds SNMP polling
      • Custom data
      • NetFlow
      • Local traffic manager (LTM)
      • Remote network applicance (RNA) support

      Powerful and rapid reporting

    • Knowing what standard behaviour is like enables the system to identify anomalies for predictive and preventative actions.

      Trend analysis and forecasting

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