Statseeker Traffic Analyzer

    Did you know? Statseeker Traffic Analyzer supports NetFlow, J-Flow and sFlow.

    IP traffic flow technology is functionality supported by different vendors and many network infrastructure devices (such as routers and switches), and it can be used to collect and provide information regarding the nature of the traffic flowing across your network to help you identify who’s talking to who and how much bandwidth are they consuming.

    The Statseeker Traffic Analyzer can capture and relay a range of key information regarding types of traffic flowing across an interface, including:

    • Source and destination IP addresses and ports
    • Protocol and port information
    • Number of conversations
    • Packet and byte counts

    Statseeker supports NetFlow version 5, 7, 9/Flexible Netflow and IPFix using a predefined template. We also support data in J-Flow and sFlow format.


    How can it help your network team?

    Network performance and troubleshooting

    When combining captured flow data and Statseeker’s advanced thresholding and alerting functionality, you can identify network performance issues before they begin to impact your users. For example, you could configure Statseeker to send you an alert as interface utilization crosses a pre-defined threshold value and then review the traffic in the Traffic Analyzer relating to a congested interface and identify the source and protocol of any anomalous traffic.

    With granular data retention, you can analyse network usage history to identify potential rogue applications or users consuming large amounts of network bandwidth.

    With the release of Statseeker version 5.5, you can now use our new dashboarding interface to create meaningful and contextual views of your interface Rx and Tx utilization in combination with your traffic flow reports.

    Network capacity planning

    The availability of traffic flow data has also greatly enhanced an organisation’s ability to tailor their network to best suit their business usage patterns and to monitor how their network responds to infrastructure changes over time. With traffic flow monitoring a business can manage network capacity planning by identifying where traffic originates from and where it flows to. This, in conjunction with Statseeker’s SNMP monitoring can help to identify under and over utilized infrastructure and can then be used to avoid costly, and potentially unnecessary upgrades and help to restructure the network topology to improve responsiveness and efficiency.

    What’s in the Traffic Analyzer?

    Our out-of-the box reports provide a range of insights into conversations, protocols and collectors and also offer ways to drill down and filter on data when your team are in troubleshooting mode.

      • Using our flexible REGEX engine syntax you can filter the information to get to details on one or more specific protocols, a source or destination IP address or combination of both of these.
      • Ability to compare current and historical data trends by using our default time filters like “last 5 minutes” or tailor a time frame for what you need and as far back as you have captured flow data.
      • Reporting, like most of Statseeker, is incredibly fast so you can start understanding where congestion issues arise on critical parts of your network without having to wait for long periods to get access to this critical data.

    To find out more about how to configure the Traffic Analyzer and start leveraging the power of Statseeker to get more visibility into your network flow data, contact your Account Manager or our support team for assistance.

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