Total network visibility

    What does total network visibility mean?

    Total network visibility simply refers to being aware of all activity moving across your network. An effective network monitoring solution enables you to identify threats, trends and anomalies quickly, ensuring you can take the necessarily action before it can become a problem.

    Complete network visibility offers much more control over network data, and allows you to make better decisions about data flow and management.

    Unparalleled network visibility and monitoring.

    Statseeker polls every physical, virtual and logical interface across your entire network every minute from a single dedicated server – without any significant effect on your bandwidth availability.

    It's this unique low impact that enables Statseeker to provide complete and end-to-end network monitoring.

    Reports are available within seconds, including at-a-glance dashboards and precise customized alerts, all based on complete and granular data.

    Network visibility


    Acquiring data - fast.

    With Statseeker, you have a wide range of device metrics to use for data collection and analysis. This extended range gives you greater network visibility and access to advanced device data (from firewall connection monitoring to Cisco class-based QoS information).

    Outside of API-only integrations (such as Cisco ACI) Statseeker polls your network devices via SNMP. To accommodate any differences in data availability and location in the management information base (MIB), it will identify your devices and then poll accordingly.

    Adapting with your network.

    As your network grows, and more and more devices become network-aware, Statseeker creates custom data types (CDTs) to ensure that all metrics are being made available for collection and analysis.

    You can request a CDT package to suit your requirements and we will work with you to provide the ability to poll the device, return the data and provide the reporting functionality to make use of this custom data. Newly-released CDTs are included in our regular software updates.

    High resolution (60-second) network data collection ensures that all critical data changes are captured.

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