Powerful and rapid network reporting

    Get the complete picture - fast.

    Rapid network reporting means that there’s no waiting around for Statseeker to deliver the data. Reports are immediate, graphics are clear, alerts are instant.

    Statseeker saves data indefinitely in our proprietary database, so all reports are based on your full network history at original polled granularity - data is never rolled up, averaged or deleted.

    • Built-in network reports show all key elements in seconds, and can be customized or supplemented with customer-specific reports
    • Unlimited historical raw data storage enables high-quality forensics and network performance monitoring on demand
    • High resolution data collection from 1-minute polling ensures that all critical data changes are captured
    • Set your own thresholds and alerts to suit your network needs

    Dashboard data at a glance.

    Network reporting

    Statseeker provides a user-friendly and highly customizable dashboarding UI (easy to use, easy to read). Our advanced API provides a broad range of metrics for extensive functionality.

    • Use out-of-the box dashboards for instant summary data or custom customize and build your own
    • Aggregate metrics for network-wide performance and event visibility
    • Stack graphs for data comparison and capacity analysis

    Network monitoring

      • Networking statistics, including latency, bandwidth utilization, errors, discards, CPU, memory and temperature
      • MAC/IP tracking/switch data
      • Hardware and inventory reporting
      • Asset tracking
      • NetFlow, syslog and traps
      • SLAs
      • 95th percentile reporting
      • Enhanced threshold alerting
      • 1-second diagnostic SNMP poller
      • Scheduling facility to automate report PDF generation and despatch via email
      • New device support and updates
      • Enhanced device viewer
      • User-configurable dashboards and easy-to-use customizable dashlets
      • Multiple dashboards per user
      • Support for current and future devices via optional SNMP OID support packages
      • Integrated API for exporting raw and analytic data
    • Statseeker’s constant and comprehensive network monitoring enables you to monitor, report and alert on SLA compliance.

      • Confirm that SLA targets are being met, and by what margin
      • Obtain insight into future network design and infrastructure requirements
      • Highlight the most unreliable elements, and areas, in your network

      Statseeker comes with prepackaged SLA and Cisco IPSLA reports, and you can create additional reports using the custom reporting feature.

    • As well as interface utilization reporting, Statseeker enables you to see your 95th percentile usage, making managing customer and vendor service usage simple and intuitive.

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