Network anomaly detection

    It’s no longer enough for modern organizations to rely on basic firewalls and endpoint network security. Network managers need to be continuously monitoring their networks for unusual activity, events, or trends.

    Unlike legacy IT security solutions, network anomaly detection constantly observes traffic to your network, analyzes communication and identifies suspicious activity.

    Benefits of Statseeker network monitoring.

    • Statseeker network monitoring polls your interfaces every 60 seconds, unlike other solutions which offer 15 minute polling. Statseeker is unique in offering this minute-by-minute network visibility. This high-resolution data is the baseline for identifying anomalous changes in behaviour, enabling the rapid detection of security issues, such as DDoS. Statseeker sends early alerts so that you can react to issues before they becomes critical.
    • Statseeker’s ability to scale and monitor up to one million interfaces from a single physical or virtual server ensures total network visibility. Statseeker monitors to the edges of your network, rather than focusing on the core, making sure all anomalies are identified, no matter where they occur.
    • Unlike other network monitoring solutions, Statseeker retains a complete data history. This means the data is available in its original granularity, and not averaged or ‘rolled-up’. This allows for far more accurate analytics and capacity planning.

    Detecting unusual behaviors.

    Statseeker's outstanding network anomaly detection compares current data to historical patterns, highlighting any variance from normal behaviors - an early warning system that can alert you to potential problems before they become a network issue.

    • Unusual activity or traffic volume on your network?
    • Increasing number of data packets with errors?
    • Intermittent problems with device performance?
    • Unauthorised devices added to your network?

    You can set your own thresholds and alerts to suit your network needs.

    Network monitoring tools, such as the strength percentage indicator, will help you to identify any metrics that fall into the bracket of unusual behavior - an easy way to filter and highlight the areas where your time and effort can be best spent.

    Read our blog about the importance of creating a network baseline.

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