Network analysis and forecasting

    Analyzing network behaviors.

    Statseeker’s powerful network analysis and forecasting capabilities provide unprecedented insight into your network’s behavior using your granular 60-second polling data.

    Statseeker will begin data comparison once it has established an initial baseline of two weeks, and will become more accurate as it captures information over time. With six months of history, Statseeker can accurately project data patterns into the future, providing you with valuable insight to support your network strategy and simplify capacity planning.

    Trendline plotting.

    Trendline plotting shows a  ‘line-of-best-fit’ across all data points in the reporting period, indicating the direction and strength of the trend.

    This indication of the rate of change enables forecasting in the future, particularly useful for capacity planning, for disk usage or link utilization.

    Forecasting the future of your network.

    Network analysis

    Data forecasting provides you with valuable information that can be used when restructuring, or planning upgrades and additions to your network infrastructure and configuration. Statseeker enables you to report on this predicted data for every metric that it collects from your network infrastructure.

    Network forecasting

    Statseeker’s network forecasting takes your last six months' of complete data history and uses it to model your data into the future. This predictive capability is only possible because Statseeker collects and stores data in full granularity - averaged or rolled-up data is not reliable enough for this purpose.

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