Instant network coverage

    Visualize your entire network and assess performance - fast.

    Install more than 20 years of know-how in just an hour.

    Effective network monitoring relies on complete network visibility. Using just a single server or virtual machine, Statseeker can be up and running within minutes, and discovering your entire network in less than an hour - storing data and producing usable reports.

    Statseeker uses SNMP discovery to locate devices, interfaces, and other SNMP-enabled components on your network. It then collects configuration information from those devices to be used for polling, network reporting, and alerting.

    There are several methods that can be used to direct the discovery process towards the devices on your network that you want Statseeker to report on: SNMP community strings, IP address ranges, host files and custom data ranges.

    You can also use SNMP filtering rules to restrict which devices are returned from an SNMP discovery walk.

    Deeper insight into network usage.

    When looking for deeper insight into how your network is behaving and who is consuming your bandwidth, Statseeker's NetFlow capability enables you to collect and report on IP conversations, helping you to spot the bandwidth hogs and identify key applications being used in your network. These insights will enable  you to make more informed decisions about how to best prioritize traffic and get the best use out of your network overall.

    Daily rewalks.

    Your daily rewalk is a scheduled discovery that focuses on discovering any new attributes/interfaces for devices already configured.

    • Polling up to 1,000,000 interfaces every 60 seconds
    • Low network bandwidth consumption for minimal impact on your network
    • User-based access controls
    • Collects device/asset inventory information, NetFlow, syslog and SNMP traps
    • Troubleshooting capacity analysis for individual interfaces with on-demand 1 second interface polling for bits per second
    • Active directory and LDAP user authentication integration
    • OID monitoring
    • Upstream device hierarchy
    • Local traffic manager (LTM)
    • Remote network appliance (RNA) support
    All through a single pane of glass.

    Having a single network monitoring tool for both physical and software defined networks improves reporting on your key metrics, while reducing your costs.


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