Trusted network monitoring software

    Best-in-class network monitoring software.

    Statseeker is scalable, fast and flexible, delivering real-time results from a minimal server footprint. It can monitor networks of any size, collecting network data such as SNMP and ping, NetFlow (sFlow and J-Flow), syslog and trap messages, as well as SDN configuration and health metrics.

    Easy integrations and secure connections.

    Statseeker's network monitoring software integrates easily with third party applications and systems, for example:

    • extract data for additional analysis and capacity planning
    • send alerts downstream to security tools or ticketing systems
    • embed reports and dashboards into other systems

    Our APIs are updated and enhanced with each release. Advanced syslog alerts have access to an increasing number of data fields, which can easily be sent into security information and event systems (SIEMs) or to data tools such as Splunk. You can also send email alerts into your workflow systems, such as ServiceNow.

    Statseeker supports secure (authenticated) connections to mail servers. OS-level patches are promptly incorporated into Statseeker for known vulnerabilities such as Spectre and Meltdown.

    Your secure user accounts are permission-based, and can be enabled with administration rights for greater accessibility and accountability.

    Statseeker also offers automation options, such as our powerful autogrouping capability, scheduling and alert-based reporting.

    System integrators and managed service providers.

    Statseeker's API framework enables system integrators and MSPs to easily integrate network data into other analytical systems.

    Questions about hardware?
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    Statseeker is a FreeBSD application, supported and regularly updated by our own in-house technology team.

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