Effortless single-pane-of-glass monitoring

    Whether you present data from external sources within Statseeker, or export Statseeker data to a third party tool, Statseeker can support you in providing the single-pane-of-glass monitoring solution your organization needs.

    In addition to the more traditional Internet Control Method Protocol (ICMP )and Simple Network Monitoring Protocol (SNMP) methods for enterprise network monitoring, Statseeker offers tailor-made custom data polling solutions to collect any timeseries data available within your organization.


    [Statseeker dashboard displaying data from third party tools, Flowmon and Fortinet]

    Statseeker can also be employed as a syslog aggregator, analyzing, reporting and alerting on syslog output from your network, and we support the inclusion of any third party tools offering a web UI directly in our dashboards. These options allow you to employ Statseeker as your single-pane-of-glass monitoring solution.

    Statseeker provides a modular web interface for our entire product, enabling you to export all reporting, dashboarding, inventory, and configuration components to any third party tool supporting external web content. We also offer a flexible RESTful API allowing you to export raw data or the varied output of Statseeker's analytic capabilities in any configuration needed by your organization. In addition, your Statseeker server can act as a syslog aggregation and forwarding agent, providing event data from your entire network. These options enable Statseeker to contribute a wide range of essential data to any third party single-pane-of-glass monitoring solution deployed within your organization.

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