Simple deployment on a single server

    Statseeker deployment is quick and simple, requiring only a single server for the monitoring of even the largest networks. Statseeker's propriety data storage is unrivalled, requiring only 15GB of storage for every 10000 polled entities (devices/interfaces) per year. When applied to monitoring large networks, these two features of the Statseeker solution can save your company thousands of dollars in the capital expenditure required to deploy a comprehensive monitoring solution, and indisputable savings in both time and money in system maintenance and licensing every year.

    The deployment process itself is very simple, with installation taking around 10-15 minutes. Combining this with Statseeker's fast and efficient network discovery process and you have a comprehensive network monitoring solution in place and active in under 30 minutes.

    Hardware requirements

    These are the minimum specifications for a 24-month data retention period. Further detail can be found here.

    Monitored Network Server Requirements
    Size Interface Count (*1) CPU Cores (*2) Memory (*3) Hard Drive
    Small 50,000 4-8 16GB 200GB
    Medium 100,000 4-8 32GB 500GB
    Large 250,000 8-16 32GB-64GB 1TB (*4)
    X-Large 500,000 16-32 64GB-128GB 1TB-2TB (*4)




    (1) Interface count is used as an indication of network size. Network and monitoring complexity may require additional resources. If unsure what size your network falls under, please contact us.

    (2) Dual CPU recommended. CPUs MUST support the SSE4.2 instruction set.

    (3) DDR4 or better.

    (4) At this scale, the disk speed becomes more important, so faster drives are recommended.

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