Powerful network monitoring

    Statseeker's powerful network monitoring solution delivers instant, granular-level visibility of your entire network, and history, at a fraction of the cost of traditional monitoring tools.

    Setup & Use

    Simple deployment on a single server
    Install and deploy on a single physical server or VM in less than 30 minutes, and start detecting critical issues across your entire network within minutes.

    Powerful Dashboards & Reports
    Instantly access network metrics via a comprehensive selection of out-of-the-box dashboards and reports.

    Scheduled and Rapid On-demand Reporting
    Keep abreast of key metrics through emailed reports; access any report, at any time, within seconds, not minutes.

    Network Asset Monitoring

    Automated Discovery
    Know what's connected to your network at all times, with scheduled and on-demand automated discovery.

    MAC IP Tracking & Reporting
    Track devices and assets as they connect to, move from, or leave your network.

    Hardware Inventory
    Identify necessary updates, upgrades of critical assets, and locate under-utilized network infrastructure.

    Hardware Health Monitoring
    Identify stressed or failing hardware by tracking critical health metrics including temperature, CPU, memory load, humidity, and power supply.

    High Availability
    Minimize impact to your network monitoring architecture by adding redundancy, and removing points of failure.

    SNMP Data Integrations
    Access an extensive library of custom data type modules for additional monitoring and alerting; if you can't find what you need, we'll add new modules at no extra cost.

    Availability & Performance

    Real-time Diagnostic Troubleshooting
    Gain instant visibility of critical issues through live dashboards and rapid reporting, with the outcomes of your corrective actions visible via real-time dataflows.

    Advanced Thresholding & Alerts
    Configure thresholds, and trigger automated alerts against raw, calculated, or predicted values using trendlines and forecasted data.

    Anomaly detection
    Receive early alerts to any unusual behaviour as soon as it's detected, so you can react before it becomes critical.

    Effortless Single-Pane-Of-Glass Monitoring
    Dashboards and reports, with option to embed 3ʳᵈ party web content, for superior visibility across your network.

    Custom Integrations
    Easily integrate with 3ʳᵈ party integrations and systems, including ITSM, SIEM, ChatOps, and alerts.

    Custom Data Collection and Polling
    Capitalize on the power of Statseeker to monitor non-SNMP data from other sources.

    Smart Data

    Intelligent Analytics & Forecasting
    Support business strategies and transformation, with accurate projected data patterns of future network needs.

    Geo-location Mapping
    Obtain a real-time, bird's-eye view of issues specific to the geolocation of your network's critical asset clusters.

    SLA Reporting
    Confirm that SLA targets are being met, and by what margin, using our pre-packaged SLA and Cisco IP SLA reports, or customize to suit your needs.

    95th percentile interface reporting
    Understand your network's typical behavior, by identifying and accounting for peak utilization.

    Traffic Flow Analysis (Netflow)
    Monitor 100s of Netflow top talkers alongside NBAR (free of charge) for QoS implentation.

    SDN monitoring for Cisco ACI
    Gain full visibility of live and historical data, as well as health metrics on all key ACI elements.

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