Cisco ACI SDN Monitoring Tool

    What is Cisco ACI? 

    Cisco ACI is the industry-leading software-defined network (SDN) solution that combines physical and virtual elements, simplifying network operations and management while delivering application-focused network services.

    Cisco ACI facilitates application agility and data center automation. It also provides more of a programmable network for automation and to help simplify the task of management.

    Using ACI, customers are automating common network tasks to simplify their work while also enabling them to evolve toward application-based, policy-driven network services. ACI provides centralized visibility and control so that administrators can manage and troubleshoot network services across their environment. Cisco asserts that ACI architecture presents fewer failure vectors than software-only SDN solutions, enabling ACI to fail less often and recover faster from common network failures (i.e. link or network node failures).

    SDN monitoring for Cisco ACI.

    Statseeker provides unparalleled visibility of SDN infrastructure, specifically for Cisco ACI. With a single Statseeker instance, network operations engineers can maintain visibility of both their legacy infrastructure and SDN at the same time.

    Using the platform’s native API, Statseeker’s software-defined networks (SDN) monitoring for Cisco ACI gives you unparalleled visibility into your ACI infrastructure, thanks to Statseeker’s architectural advantages: high-resolution polling, full retention of historical data, and advanced analytics.

    Our Cisco ACI monitoring package enables you to apply all Statseeker’s data collection, storage, reporting, dashboards, analytics, and alerting functionality to your ACI SDN deployments.

    • Full visibility of performance data, fault, and health metrics on all key ACI elements: controllers, nodes, pods, spines, leaves, tenants, application profiles, client endpoints, bridging domains, endpoint groups, and VRFs
    • High-resolution data collection (polling every 60 seconds) ensures that all critical data changes are captured

    SDN monitoring & analytics.

    Statseeker provides the greatest insight of performance data and health metrics on key ACI elements. Using powerful data forecasting, anomaly detection, and trendlines, Statseeker SDN monitoring enables you to automate monitoring, plan for future requirements and prevent failures.

    Single pane of glass reporting.

    Manage your legacy and ACI networks with one solution. Statseeker discovers ACI elements as they come online, giving your network administrators a single tool to quickly evaluate the health of physical and software-defined networks.

    Having this single platform to quickly evaluate your network’s health (physical and software-defined) reduces the time and cost involved in supporting business-critical network functions, no matter how they are deployed.

    • Built-in reports and dashboards highlight all key metrics in seconds and can be customized or supplemented with customer-driven specific reports
    • Full retention of data enables high-quality forensics and performance analysis on demand
    • Data forecasting, anomaly detection, and trendlines provide proactive and automated monitoring, allowing you to detect anomalies and forecast future requirements
    • Flexible thresholds can be defined on collected data and analytics providing fast and proactive notification of anomalous behavior

    Read more about how Statseeker’s Cisco ACI monitoring package enables monitoring of ACI environments from a Statseeker server.


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