Fast and powerful network monitoring

    Update April 2022: Statseeker v5.5.5 is available.

    Statseeker is the world's fastest network performance monitoring solution (NPM), trusted by private, Fortune 500 and S&P companies, and G20 governments around the world.

    Statseeker doesn't force you to compromise. Statseeker delivers instant, granular-level visibility of your entire network and history, at a fraction of the cost of traditional monitoring tools.

    Lower cost of ownership from day one.

    Statseeker's single server footprint, which polls and stores years of granular historical data for a network of up to 1 million interfaces, dramatically reduces your CAPEX expenses by identifying and redeploying under-utilized assets.

    Lower cost of ownership

    3x better visibility of critical issues.

    Start troubleshooting critical issues before users are even aware of them, with Statseeker's 60-second polling and comprehensive selection of out-of-the-box dashboards and reports.

    Network monitoring troubleshooting

    15x more powerful monitoring of service disruption and degradation.

    Identify and remove costly blackspots across critical network links through enhanced thresholding and anomaly detection alerts.

    Powerful network monitoring

    1440x greater historical accuracy to support business decisions.

    Remove all the guesswork in identifying over and underutilized infrastructure, conducting root cause analysis, or capacity planning, as Statseeker performance data is never averaged or rolled up.

    Greater historical accuracy

    Statseeker delivers enhanced network monitoring capabilities.

    60-second polling
    Monitor every interface and every device, at every site, every 60 seconds.

    Light Touch
    No impact on your network bandwidth, with only a 25KBps load per 10,000 interfaces polled.

    Highly Scalable
    Poll up to one million interfaces every 60 seconds from a single server or VM.

    No data rollup
    Your 60-second resolution data is never averaged or rolled up.

    Unlimited data retention
    Only 15GB of storage is needed for every 10,000 polled entities per year.

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    Effective network monitoring is more important than ever.
    • Unlimited

      data storage
    • 1,000,000

    • 1,440

      polls per device per day
    • 1

      minute polling interval