Network monitoring from Statseeker

    Reduce network downtime.

    The network monitoring solution for seeing more and spending less.

    Statseeker is an agnostic and predictive network monitoring solution for increasing network performance, reducing downtime and enhancing business productivity.

    It's scalable, fast and flexible, delivering real-time results from a minimal server footprint. It can monitor networks of any size, collecting network data such as SNMP and ping, NetFlow (sFlow and J-Flow), syslog and trap messages; as well SDN configuration and health metrics.

    • Minute-by-minute visibility - 60-second polling and ultra-fast reporting
    • Anomaly detection - receive early alerts to any behavioral change as soon as it happens, so you can react sooner
    • Trend analysis and forecasting - data history is stored in its original granularity, enabling accurate analytics and capacity planning
    • Blanket network coverage – one server monitors up to 1,000,000 network interfaces on your physical and virtual networks – right up to the edges
    • Software defined network monitoring for Cisco ACI, through Statseeker's native API.

    The Statseeker difference.

    • Find and fix problems more quickly with our default 60-second polling across all metrics, ultra-fast reporting and integrated workflows.
    • Monitor your entire physical and virtual network at lower cost: up to 1,000,000 network interfaces from a single server.
    • Collect quality data you can actually use - your history is never rolled up or averaged, so it’s always available in its original resolution for the life of your installation.
    • Benefit from a scalable, fast and flexible low-cost network monitoring solution that delivers real-time results from a minimal server footprint.
    • Obtain deeper insight through powerful analytics, such as anomaly detection, data forecasting, and trendlines.
    • Build custom solutions quickly and inexpensively by leveraging Statseeker’s RESTful API.
    • Unlimited

      data storage
    • 1,000,000

    • 1,440

      polls per port per day
    • 1

      minute polling interval